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I wonder if I am welcomed back?


Hi  My name is John Smith, Brenda in Aussie may remember me I lived on Churchdown & now living in Canada.  I was very sorry to here the passing off Dickie it was always great to here from Him, He sent me a little badge of a tram once. Lost my Wife to cancer in 2013, this pass November I was staying in Bromley I had to come over to organise My Brothers Funeral.  Really enjoyed myself in Bromley at the travel Lodge Hotel on London Rd.  What is it like to live in Bromley now, I'm thinking maybe time to come Home?.  John

As you will already know, Smiffy (this message has only just appeared, it seems to me) you are very much welcomed back.

Time to go 'home' to England, you wonder?  That would be a touch decision to make.   Perhaps a trial run would be a good idea.

But I fully understand the pull of home.  I read somewhere once that anyone who leaves their country of birth never loses the 'heart-hunger' for it.

Bren X


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