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Absents latley
« on: April 23, 2004, 01:33:38 PM »

To all my Cyber mates, sorry I haven't been on latley, from last week I've been in hospital twice, they didn't want to let me out Monday, and tried there hardest to stop me with delaying tacticts, but they didn't know who they were deeling with, I believe in Quallity of life not Quantity.
Another week in there would have put me into a whielchair.
I'v had a degenerated spine and a bone in the lower back that moves since 1980's and with these hospital beds that are too hard and you have to lift yourself up with a handle on a chain, swing your legs round and try to the top half in line with the bottom.
But most of the staff know how to open there mouth but can't hear anything.
I have Angina etc. but there are a lot more worse off than me and I will live the way I want too.
Sorry for the miserable letter, but I feel great now.
By the way Dickie, I tried to email you with a background sound, but got it returned as you must have changed your ISP.
All the best to all, and hope every thing is going good for you Bruver Tony.
My name is Keith Allen but I use ( K9 ) as my nick name.
Regards Keith.


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Absents latley
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2004, 06:05:07 PM »
:) Ahhhhhh sorry to hear that you have been poorly Keith, but as you say "they dont know who they are dealing with" I worked in Lewisham  and Hither Green Hospital for over 20 years and it would take a lot to get me back in one. The bug MRSA is  so prevelant and hygiene so lacking that most people came out worse than when they went in. Too many Managers and not enough of the workers..bring back the Matron I say. You take care  Keith and enjoy your family and your dogs, etc., and all the things that really matter.  Belx