Author Topic: Writer doing research on a notable former Downham resident: Gary Boyle  (Read 3170 times)


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Thanks to Mike for allowing me to join up. So glad to have found this forum! I wonder whether you could help me with some information.

I am a writer and a massive jazz fusion fan. I have decided to write the biography of my favourite jazz guitarist, Gary Boyle.

A bit of background on Gary for you:

Born in India in 1941, he moved to the UK as a child and grew up in Catford -- on Castillon Rd, as it happens. He lived there from the age of about 12 to his early 20s. During his formative years, he went to the Goldsmiths Community Centre at the end of his street, where he played music.

He later turned pro and backed Dusty Springfield in the mid-60s, then became a member of the Brian Auger Trinity. After that, he worked with a Japanese percussionist called Stomu Yamash'ta, before forming his own jazz fusion band called Isotope. It was through hearing Isotope (sadly not live - I was born much too late for that!) that I fell in love with his music. Post-Isotope, he released some solo albums. Having lived in Notting Hill until the mid-70s, he moved up north, where he still lives and plays the guitar regularly.

I just wondered whether anyone on here remembers Gary from his formative years? Did you play in a band with him during your childhood? Were you at school with him? Any memories you are willing to share would be much appreciated! You can post below or send me a PM.

This is a picture of Gary from 1967. He is the one in the centre of the picture, with the guitar.

This is a picture of him from around 1974:

Another from around 1975 (Gary is at the back):

The pics above might, I hope, jog someone's memory.

Here is my blog:

Here is my facebook page:

Please feel free to follow my blog and like my page - you will get regular updates on the project.

Many thanks,

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