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Re: Leisure centre open!
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Thank you for aiming your reply to me but actually it was Amanda who was looking for a relative.  Hopefully she has been able to get further in her search - any news yet Amanda?  I have though recently thought about tracking down ancestors (like a lot of people nowadays - probably something to do with all the TV programmes on the subject) and it would probably be an interesting project but as my father was the last surviving child in a family of thirteen it did seem a bit daunting!  I know that my maternal grandmother had sisters who went to Australia and Canada at the turn of the last century but unfortunately I do not know their maiden names so cannot check on the boat lists that are now published. 


If anyone is looking for relatives in Australia, providing they don't have a really common name, I would be only too happy to look in phone books. Alternatively the Australian White Pages online is considered the best in the world, so you could look yourselves:   I found my long lost relatives by looking in the phone book, writing to all the people with that name 'Moorby' not a common name, and found long lost cousins.
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