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Hello Dickie!  (Richard Of Eagle)  
.I  Didn't  understand the meaning of Cayuse - No? you can please change it for other words.  
Cordial greetings from Puebla Mexico.  .... William.[/quote]                      Hello "William" sorry about the confusion with names but a Cayuse is a Horse, and so too is a Palomino if you read back through the old mails it relates me to my Great Grand mothers people who are the Shoshone and as a child I liked to listen to the words and copy some of the signs. Back to research, Downham is also the name of several villages and Towns in the north of England and your grandfather would be any age from 80 on. A period when "Foundlings were named after the place they were born,or "found" you have a birth certificate ?  Hasta la Vista compadre,  Dickie E.................[/quote]