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Where are they now? / Old School Friends Pendragon School 1960-1965
« on: February 20, 2008, 11:03:20 PM »
Well I tried to find some people no luck, just wondered if anybody recognised any names,Wendy Thurlow,Janet Price, David Ironside George Pierpoint, Robert(Bobby) Bethel(had a white piece of hair at the front) Richard Beeton Anne Onslow and Wendy Chambers think she emigrated to Canada.

Many thanks Snowdrop xxxxx

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 20, 2008, 08:46:49 AM »
Snow drop I lived at 85 Churchdown. I went to downderry infants and we used to lay on cot beds for a sleep, they where set up on the green that diveded the juniors from the infants.  Our old co-op number was 228817, we shopped at the one on bromley rd in downham.  The baker delivered the bread, he came every saturday about the same time when he knocked on the door for his money my dad would shout out baker baker, memorys ,  once again I ask are you sure they where the good old days, every one tells me that is not the way to think, I don't know?. It really feels good to read your guys memorys, as well as the ones I have.  Sniffy  :'(  :)   

Morning Smiffy :) nice to hear from you :) my friend lived at 27 Churchdown big family and as I have said before their names was Siddle and they had a motorbike and sidecar had great fun getting a lift home with her dad I wouldn't be able to fit into the sidecar now ;D and now I think that Deborah (my friend) lives somewhere near Moorside Rd, well she did up until about 7 years ago ??? We used to have a baker come around on a Saturday morning with a great big wicker basket that he could hardly carry stashed with all sorts of goodies and wrap the bread in tissue paper :)and it smelt gorgeous not like now!!!!. Our next door neighbours The Martins,I still have a Xmas card every year from them still :)grew up with the family and still correspond with them and they were my auntie and uncle Joyce and Paddy and they still live in Moorside Rd ......such memories......they have been auntie and uncle all my life ....

General Discussion / Re: Robertsons Jam Factory & Glennifer Laundry
« on: February 20, 2008, 08:34:59 AM »
Hi Snowdrop, shame our Smiffy wasn't your brother's mate  :-[, it's so exciting when you find somebody you know on here  You'll have to check our Friends Reunited for him.

Thick fog here this morning, as long as it lifts before lunchtime so I can see my way to the coffee shop for a panini. :-*

Morning everyone, so sorry smiffy that you're not my brothers friend sigh sigh no worries I am sure you are good friend to anyone anyway!!!!! I will have to get more details from himbecause he is at least 11 years older than me so he goes back alot further!! so there may well be someone on here who knows!!!. I have tried various times on Friends reunited for school chums but alas no luck!!. perhaps I couldput their names on here and someone may justknow someone, Maureen as you said it would be exciting to find at least ONE person.

Well darling I hope the weather lifts and you get your panini?? Oh just thought the chemist Morrell and Dixon the managers names was Mr Knott lovely charming man to work for!!......Ciao ....

General Discussion / Re: Claudette Waite from Churchdown School
« on: February 19, 2008, 10:59:02 PM »
Hi girls I must confess that I too was made to wear a Liberty Bodice over my vest and for my sins my mummy used to make me little bags to hang around my neck with a camphor block in it!!! this thing was trapped between my vest and my bodice!!!poor thing couldn't breathe (Oh sorry that was me!!! I was overcome with fumes he he!!!) had a bit of a poorly chest when I was little. I hasten to add that I no longer need to wear such attire now he he. Oh the joys......

General Discussion / Re: Haircuts - Pets Corner
« on: February 19, 2008, 10:51:57 PM »
Come on now let's get the old grey matter working, where was Haircuts? I can't remember exactly where it was, maybe Bellingham? I used to walk there and buy a couple of little white mice and it was worth the bus fare on the way back to accidentally let one of the little fellas loose on the top deck!! My youngest brother used to get so upset seeing the puppies and kittens all squashed together in minute cases and was always trying to open the cages and let them out. I remember the owner being a very stout man with pure white hair. 

Anyone know how he got the name of Haircut?

Hi Maureen well where did that come from???? I remember Haircuts but cant remember where it was and I agree with your brother I always felt so sorry for the animals and they didn't always look in the best of health was it in Catford???? will ask my bruvver he he Also had another nostalgic moment used to go out on sunday trips with my mummy and we would go on a Charabang!!!!and we would catch it at Timpsons yard in Catford, they were such lovely days out to Margate, Ramsgate Southend. ......Maureen did you ask your brother about the teachers names?????

General Discussion / Re: Robertsons Jam Factory & Glennifer Laundry
« on: February 19, 2008, 10:45:46 PM »
Sue this has got to be the same Sm iffy, there appears to be two Sniffs and also mention of Sm iffy/Smudge. If you put a new post on there to Sm iffy you can then find out if he's your brother's mate.

Good luck

Hi Maureen surely it cant be the same one can it????? that would be to much of a coincidence....... anyway how are you?????

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 19, 2008, 10:41:37 PM »
Snowdrop? nice to meet

Good evening Dickie., its nice to be in the club (so to speak), I must admit since joining it , the happy memories I had have been wonderful and so nice to share!!, had no-one to share them with have I??until now  Snowdrop really came about because my hair is rather a nice shade of greyand my greatest passion is flowers so the two just went together really but my name is Sue and how do you do....
I was in the WRAC of which I thoroughly enjoyed..... keep safe and take care dickie...

 Hi "Snowdrop" nice to meet one of the new kids from Dahnum. Why Snowdrop? is there a story behind that, and which of the Armed forces did you grace with your presence?. there used to be a "Snowy" along Moorside road, but he had pure white hair but he was an albino  and must have preceded youtwenty years or more, anyway nice to have you in the club. oh, I came from the flats in Tristram Rd.     dickie..........

General Discussion / Re: Robertsons Jam Factory & Glennifer Laundry
« on: February 19, 2008, 08:15:49 AM »
Hi Sue, maybe your brother's mate Smiffy is our Smiffy on this site. If you look back through previous posts you'll see Smiffy is on here regularly.

Morning Maureen, well that really would be something wouldn't it!!!! will ask my brother about Smiffy, did this Smiffy live in Shroffold Rd??? just getting confused !!!well thats not hard to do he he!!

General Discussion / Re: Robertsons Jam Factory & Glennifer Laundry
« on: February 18, 2008, 07:11:00 PM »
Hi Maureen, yes I was thats okay I do it all the time with names etc. I had a schoolfriend who went to Pendragon with me and she lived in Shroffold Rd, her name was Sylvia Guildford all I can remember about her that she was incredibly tall (unless I was incredibly short for my age) which I wasn't and she had loads of brothers and sisters and her dad was huge and her mum was tiny....and my brother had a mate called Smudge or Smiffy and he lived in Shroffold Rd, I will speak to my brother and see if he can shed any light on different things because he is about 11 years older than me....

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 18, 2008, 09:50:19 AM »
Hey Snowdrop - I was in the Brownies at St Lukes and a Girl Guide and, would you believe, my brother was a Queens Scout but that was before your time!
I went to Girls Brigade at that funny hall along Downham Way before you got to Grove Park.
Don't remember the new Co-op, but then I left in 1964.
Mum would send me down the shops,  just for a loaf of bread which eventually turned into a shopping list and a bag of stuff I could hardly carry.  Its funny, but even now when someone wants something, and then adds extras I say "This is getting to be like my mothers shopping list".
I think we've talked about swimming before.  I remember we simply HAD to go. It were cold and miserable there, but I think our thoughts on that are all on another 'thread' somewhere.
Hello Christine, that was a funny little hall where I went to Sunday School and I used to love going out on little trips with them, great times, Mummy would send me UP theTop for errands usually for Paraffin and sent me with a funny little can for the lovely men to fill children wouldn't be allowed to do that now and we would fill up our little oil stove!!!!.
Swimming was heavenly but the chips were worth waiting for!!!!!!! will check for photos must have some somewhere!!! and my brother may have some.  more nostalgia later......

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 18, 2008, 09:41:02 AM »
And you've got me to thinking ( a tough call these days) that Miss Rudolph's married name might well have been Lovelace and not Loveless.  Perhaps that's how it was pronounced and how it appeared in our brains.  Well, my brain anyway.  What's the consensus of opinion on this one? Still, Loveless was certainly appropriate.

Hello Brenda, the cells are certainly being put to the test, I think you are right it was Lovelace but I pity Mr Lovelace or Loveless hehe, can still see her stern face and she had glasses sometimes on a chain I think!!!!! UGH!!!!! shiver shiver down the spine!!!

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 17, 2008, 09:26:20 PM »
Hallo again Snowdrop.  Sorry but the Rose Queen event must have been after my time.   I agree with your opinion of Miss Rudolph/Mrs Lovelace's face.  Anyone got any photos of her?

Your trip down Memory Lane is interesting.  Yes, there was Boltons which,in the old days, used to have a lucky dip barrel just inside the door. Boltons is where I was sent to get my father's tobacco ' "Half an ounce of Old Holborn please and a packet of Rizla Reds."  Don't think children are allowed to buy such things now, are they?

The shop where you bought the oil etc was Allneeds.  I remember the two fellows in their brown coats well - lovely fellows - and for years I thought they were the Misters Allneed.  Then the penny dropped!

Anns  is where my winter coats were bought as well as buttons and other odds and sods.  Then there was the bicycle shop and the shoe shop on the same side.   And Whites on the corner of Capstone Rd where we bought flying saucers, two for a halfpenny, wooden liquorice etc.

I remember the chemist well.  There was almost a feeling of sanctity in there!  One side for the prescriptions, the other side for frivololities such as shampoos. 

The bakers was a place of fascination and I was always in awe of the wonderfully decorated cakes in the windows.  My mother used to send me in to buy bread and tell me to 'make sure it is fresh' and I was always terrified of being given a stale one because I knew I would never be brave enough to refuse to take it. And then I'd be in strife.

Oh, the memories.  Keep 'em coming.

Like you, Chris, I remember our old Co-op number.  Funny how some things are imprinted on the brain.

As for the chips after swimming - well, did anything ever taste as good?  I don't think so.
Hello Brenda, ah the good old days, I remember the bakers now they were always displayed on glass shelves and I drooled everytime I went past, and vaguely remember the shoe shop as well, Anns was a funny little place when you went in they were all displayed in wooden drawers with glass fronts, all displaying gloves stockings etc.. Nothing tasted better than 6d worth of chips after swimming even to this day probably Brenda.. The thought of Mrs Loveless UGH!!!! sends shivers down me spine as we speak!!. The chemist was a lovely place to work, they were very nice kind people, the manager his name escapes me all I can remember he was very tall with glasses and he drive an Allegro car with a square steering wheel!!! and a thin chap called Max and a lady who had worked in there for years and years he lived above the shop.a girl called Kathy and me!!!!! Used to have a elderly lady living in the flats at Dagonet Gardens called Nanny Selby and I always used to run errands for her and I had to go to the shops and buy 2d worth of snuff for her!!!Boltons had a big big counter on the left as you walked in and it was full of magazines and papers  and all the sweets were on the other side it was like an Aladdin's Cave!!! great for spending your pocket money in!!...

I will check with my brother about photos he may well have some because he is 11/12 older than me and probably will remember much more than me as well..... nostalgia to follow..... Take care and keep safe everybody

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 17, 2008, 09:13:53 PM »
Hey Snowdrop - I was in the Brownies at St Lukes and a Girl Guide and, would you believe, my brother was a Queens Scout but that was before your time!

Hello Christine, I used to have a great time at Brownies at St Lukes!!! and I also used to go to an after school club type thing, it was quite near Pendragon School walking towards Reigate Rd, turn left and there was another big school there but |I cannot remember the name of it, and I always used to go to Playcentre there in the school holidays etc it was great fun and I used to go to Tap and Ballet classes there as well after school!!!.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 15, 2008, 06:50:58 PM »
Hi Christine, not sure about that!!! I suppose I have stored this all away in my head and now being on the site has jogged it all back!!!, some things I can remember as clear as anything but yet other things like the teachers names etc I am struggling with!! Cant have it all ways darling can we!!. I can only remember that Co-op which Bobby Moore opened. Ahhhh!!! those were the days Christine. I also remember I used to go to Sunday School it was a great big wooden hut in the middle of a great big piece of ground heading towards Grove Park cant remember the name of it though!!! and I also used to belong to St Luke's and go to Brownies there and spent happy times there jumble sales etc!!!...... more nostalgia to follow

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 15, 2008, 04:27:37 PM »
More nostalgia on its way.... when my mummy used say she wanted some shopping she would always say could you go Up The Top for me darling!!. trying to think what the shops were.. the Post office was first then a Hairdressers called Dubarrys where my mummy had her hair done most weeks!!Boltons the Newsagents think there was a Bakers as well also remember the chip shop where I always used to buy 6d worth of gorgeous chips after I had been swimming at Downham Baths, God they tasted bloody marvellous and lasted me all the way home!!.Also on the corner was a butchers  and also the chemist was Morrell and Dixon where I used to work. Over the road was a launderette then the Oil shop run but 2 lovely chaps who always wore brown coats and the change they would put in these metal little things and it would fly around the shop until it reached you with your change!!! How cool was that!!. I remember that a brand spanking new Co-op was opening and that caused great excitement!! and it was being opened by the one and only Bobby Moore!!!we all got a glimpse of him. I also remember a shop called Anne's and also a greengrocers on the corner, and at the bottom end of Downham, I remember spending many a happy hour sitting outside The Northover on a sunday with a bottle of lemonade and a Hardtack  biscuit, i think if you hit it with a hammer it would break!!. the only things  I remember about the parade of shops there was opposite the pub was a lovely sweet shop a fish and chip shop also think there was a little supermarket sort of shop that sold everything!!..... more nostalgia later

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