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General Discussion / Thames Gateway Bridge - Does it effect Downham?
« on: April 22, 2005, 06:31:00 PM »
Hello Everyone :D
my name is Yohanna and I'm very pleased to find your discussion forum.  I don't live in the area but hope to buy my first home there and live among you and the lovely greenspaces in one of the houses that impress me because of their generous size (compared to newly built ones) and their solid construction.  

I admit that I belong to the 'not in my back yard'  brigade when it comes to roads and traffic (I don't drive), so I'm worried to see that the proposed Thames Gateway Bridge linking the North Circular and the South Circular has been given planning permission by Greenwich Council last year.  My query:

How will this effect Downham?  Will the South Circular be widened north of Hither Green Cemetry?  Might it be re-routed through Whitefoot Lane which could be extended eastward accross the land to the south of the cemetry? :roll:  :?:
Does anybody know or have an opinion?  Please help.  Thank you very much.

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