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General Discussion / remember the winter
« on: June 03, 2010, 12:30:17 PM »
Good Afternoon to all forum folk.

Remembering the very poor winter we have just had.

The rain and wind came.

The snow was a massive issue,Trains left us stranded,too and from work.

It was cold,wet,and very windy.

Now we have sunshine.

And what a wonderful site this is,People seem full of life.

Smiling, happy, bubbly, people.

With weather like this it is very hard to feel sad.

Enjoy it my forum friends.

Lets have a few posts on here about what you have got up to during this warm spell we are having.

I have always said that if you have the weather in the uk there is no better break than in the west country.

Me thinks i will head that way if the weather keeps this good. 

Croydon football club are looking for under 15 players for season 10/11

We are looking for dedicated players who are willing to train on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Our goal is to try and make you better players and have a greater understanding of team play.

The management set up are second to none CBR checked level 1+2 coaching badges.

The team itself have won back to back championships,But with success comes more success for the lads themselves as we have lost 2 players to pro clubs.

We are not looking for the best just dedicated players who want to play football and give there all to the setup.

The side have played in the Holland Cup and will play in a torny this Easter for team bonding within the UK

If any of your (gran) children are interested then drop me a line @

p.s i hope you don,t mind me using this forum for this post


General Discussion / introduction
« on: April 23, 2010, 12:28:18 PM »
Gosh i am glade i found this wonderful web-site.

I lived in The catford area as a child and attended Downderry school starting in 1972

As a child i would love the walk from home to school,Passing through the woodland.

Is joes mini market still around as it as been quite some time since i have been down that way.

co-op,woolies,and if my memory is correct there was also a record shop on the corner of downham way,a bike shop,does anybody remember the flower shop in downham run by a very attractive young lady in the 70s

Did anybody else on this forum go to Downderry school,i have pleasent memories of the school.

Mrs leg was my teacher,i remember breaking my nose while playing football,one of the 5 a side goals
fell on me,lol how did that happen you might ask,Raymond matthews (old school friend)swinging on it,bang straght
on my hooter,Still it improved my looks slightly.

I remember the swimming pool and the badges given when completed your length with foat,it was a tiny pool,but it looked quite big at the time.

is the big oak tree still in the play ground.

Does anybody remember when the new owner to the fish shop in downham next door to the mini market.

I can still remember my mum going there when the shop first opened,the owner was giving away fish and chips on opening day,i lined up a couple of times for chips but was caught out (lol)

Nice web site i will look in from time to time

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