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General Discussion / Re: Haircuts - Pets Corner
« on: February 17, 2010, 12:45:08 AM »
Yep...I remember "Haircuts " Purchased our dog there Bob in the 40's Told it was a water spaniel , was with us where we lived in Fordel Road Catford .Our second dog also from " Haircuts " which was a cross border collie, another Bob, he was 18 when he died, came with us from Catford to Crockenhill .(Kent )
But as I recall anybody who wanted an animal was told. " Go to Haircuts "

Another memory to share , a member mentioned the Hippodrome of Catford which later became the Eros Cinema which I and der boys often went --seats in the "gods. " There was a time on one of our visits I had purchased a very large cigar frome somewhere in the city. This was duly lit and shared , passing it  up and down the row---I don't think we finished it ---or wanted to.

The snooker hall, I've still got my membership card, don't expect its much use now.

With apologises to readers for an ex Catfordite passing on memories as my only connection with Downham was catching the 124 bus to Downham swimming baths. Anyhow could be these memories may make interesing reading ?

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