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General Discussion / Wartime Downham
« on: April 21, 2008, 11:57:49 PM »
Wartime Downham

If you open google earth and look at Goudhurst Rd at the centre by elmscot road you can see the colours of the roofs change. Its my belief that this shows where the buildings were demolished by the doodle bug that fell to the right side elmscot road.
   We that is my brother Keith and derick Durrent (Now living in Adelaide
Australia) and others played on this large bomb site building huts out of parts of Anderson shelters one of which was two storey which collapsed to great merriment whilst we were in it. We also fired rockets through reclaimed water pipe at each other in mock battles. Fortunately no one was injured. So much for Elf & Safety.
   Further to the right on the north side of Goudhurst rd is another discoloured roof were a bomb had dropped earlier than the doodle bug. We fortunately were in our shelter asleep.
I lived at 57Goudhurst rd north side just left of elmscot road and while laying in our shelter in the back garden was kept wake at times by a mobile anti aircraft gun positioned at the top of Elmscot road.
This should get us olduns talking..regards all Tony.

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