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General Discussion / I just called to say "Hello"
« on: December 23, 2012, 04:10:29 PM »
Hiya all, still alive "just". lots has happened these last months,bought a humber sceptre mk3 "hunter shape" 44 years old and as an automatic it is one of only 12 known to the beloved DVLA I will be doing it up over the next two years, I have started by stripping it out for a full respray the put it all back to-gether simple Hugh!!!. Got my cyclemaster all working and the trade bike is in fine fettle so am now bored and will sell the cyclemaster and concentrate on the humber in between doing all those Little things for the little lady in my life. I joined a gliding club and am now learning to fly "great fun with no engine"typical flight time from a 1000ft winch launch is approx 10 Min's, so no point planning a rout to oz. Speaking of oz my cousin has a property in the blue mountings and his son went to visit because no one could get in touch, when he got there his wife was  in a bad way and Fred my cousin was sick in his bed .......they have been taken care of and are now in a retirement home they are both in there nineties, He lived in  boundfield road next to the alley through to the prefabs his dad was the baker delivery man for Richards bakery......sad! on a happier note happy Xmas to you all and stay safe hoppo!!!

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