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General Discussion / Re: Easter
« on: March 21, 2008, 06:58:22 PM »
Hello Everybody :)and a very Happy Easter, we also belong to the stay at home brigade, one son is home from college but my other twin son has gone to stay with some college mates in the Isle of Arran :)

Take care and stay safe everyone

Snowdrop xxxx

General Discussion / Re: Durham Hill School
« on: March 03, 2008, 09:47:55 PM »
I lived opposite the school and my mother was a cleaner there for many years, including up to 1959. I used to go there after school (Churchdown) to help her.  Perhaps your brother was one of those Durham Hill School boys who used to pull my beret off and run away with it!

When I think of how hard my poor mother worked in those days, it makes me wince.  There weren't any electrical appliances, it was all broom, mop and bucket and elbow grease and sand and oil for the floors at the weekend applied with a cloth on a broom handle.

Evening Brenda :) perhaps he was one of those very boys ;) !!!!!     I know how hard they worked in those days my mummy bless her heart used to work at Hither Green Hospital in the laundry used to go and meet her after I came out of school, poor mummy her arms used to be covered in burns etc from the steam, jolly hard work used to watch them through the window folding all those massive sheets steam everywhere!!!!.... my god she earned her money in those days... I am now a caretaker/cleaner at our local primary school, even though all electrical appliances its still hard work, and |I still use a bit of elbow grease...

Snowdrop xxx

General Discussion / Durham Hill School
« on: March 03, 2008, 08:35:39 PM »
Good evening everyone :)
I have spoken to my brother bless him, I asked him about his memories because he is older than me, so he may remember different things. He told me that he went to Durham Hill School, 1956-1958, he left there then went to Malory School when it first opened in the Summer of 1958 till Xmas 1958 his name was Frederick Michael Woods, he also told me that my sister and other brother went there as well, but couldn't remember the dates but they were both older than him. There names were William Woods and Maureen Woods, and they all lived at 14 Wingrove Road and the family moved to Dagonet Gardens when I was born and Michael was 11 years old when I was born, he will be 65 this year.....ahhhh memories

Snowdrop xxx

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 26, 2008, 08:42:25 AM »
Hiya Brenda, found the website, well I think I did I found i picture of Dagonet Gardens, just the flats that were painted white??? is that the one you meant!!. if you hadn't have pointed that out I would never have recognised it!!! they weren't that colour when I was little, they were just good old fashioned red brick!!!

keep safe and take care .....

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 26, 2008, 08:19:37 AM »
Snowdrop, in case you haven't found it, there is a nice photo of Dagonet Gardens on the Phoenix Housing Association website. 

Can anyone identify which bit of Downham Way is in the adjoining photograph?
Looks like my memory is beginning to fail me.  Dementia here I come.

Hiya Brenda thanks for that, no I didnt know that, I will take a look, probably my memory is not what it was as well.
hey ho!!! no worries

keep safe and take xxxx Snowdrop

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 23, 2008, 06:37:13 PM »
SUE ! nice name but we can stick to Snowdrop provide you don't blame me for being in the club plum , where were you posted?       Did you marry a Pongo too ?  dickie..................

Hello again Dickie.. did my basic training at Guildford, then trade training at Deepcut, then got posted to Bicester nr Oxford then I volunteered for N.I. where upon I met my husband who was in the Paras!!!......the rest they say is history.. will try and post some photos!!..... Snowdrop keep safe and take care

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 23, 2008, 06:33:42 PM »
Ah! RMS Snowdrop no doubt, my eldest daughter was in the WRAC  ( it used to be the ATS ! and I have a couple of cap badges to prove it ) She went from Frimley straight to Northern Ireland, or Ulster to give it its proper name, her second posting was to Cyprus a couple of months before the Turks invaded I think she was with the 9th. Signals. but she enjoyed every minute of it. There is a Portrait of her in the  Gallery. How about a portrait of Snowdrop too?        dickie......................

Hello Dickie, yes I enjoyed every minute too!!! I have some photos myself, not very good with the computer will ask my sons to show me what to do!!! thats progress for you  :D

General Discussion / Re: Haircuts - Pets Corner
« on: February 23, 2008, 06:27:57 PM »
Hello Ladies, I don't remember anything about Leysdown all I know is that my brother had a chalet there even though I never went,
Christine I know what you mean, HOW did our parents cope in those days, but THEY did, but with little resources they made the best of it and we have great times, so good, thats why after all these years we can still reminisce about the good times. :)
keep safe and take care xxx

General Discussion / Re: Happy Memories of Downham
« on: February 22, 2008, 10:23:40 AM »
Just thought of more neighbours they lived in Shroffold Rd, on the corner opposite Dadgonet Gardens, they were the Andersons Mum and Dad, and Pauline and Kevin, think Kevin joined the navy ....

General Discussion / Re: Where is/was the Bromley Road Library?
« on: February 22, 2008, 10:20:42 AM »

Gosh - that building looks so familiar.  Blowed if I can remember where I saw it though!
Wow I used to remember seeing that when I was sitting on the bus going passed it,

General Discussion / Re: Haircuts - Pets Corner
« on: February 21, 2008, 10:45:42 PM »
I remember the 'pet' shop as well - and can someone confirm that I have located it correctly i.e. near to the Savoy ballroom in Catford. And what about the Savoy ballroom - is it still in existence?   Charabancs - now thats a word you don't hear of often nowadays. I remember that for the only two holidays I went on as a child -a week in Dymchurch and Herne Bay in a caravan -  we went by STEAM train from London and, yes, it always rained!  Crikey, our kids don't know their born. I even saw Whitstable being called the new Chelsea by the sea in the press a few weeks ago so things are looking up in that part of the world.

Hi ya christine, the days out were fantastic used to come home really tired and when we got back to the yard we then caught the 124 bus home and then walk and my poor little legs were aching...  actually went on a caravan holiday to Seasalter for a week with relatives what a funny name cant even remember where it was now... and my eldest brother had a chalet at Leysdown.

General Discussion / Re: Haircuts - Pets Corner
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:27:31 AM »
Brenda I remember so lovely lovely memories of going to the seaside catching that first glimpse, oohhh candy floss sand, penny arcades and I remember going on one with my brother who went on a ride with me in this little aeroplane ride who knees were stickingout way above the ride seems funny looking back now!!!!! and I had my poshest little frock on and a big hat!!!Boy we knew how to dress up in those days ;D ;D....

Where are they now? / Re: Malory School 1965-1970 OLD sCHOOL Mates
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:08:44 AM »
Hiya Pauline, well that would have been handy just climbing over the fence :D am lucky now I live opposite the school where I work and the boys went to school there, but as usual they were nearly always the last ones the school :D
typical the nearer you live the worse it is .xxxxx keep safe and take care

Where are they now? / Re: Old School Friends Pendragon School 1960-1965
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:06:20 AM »
Hello Pauline,  :) well no worries darling I suppose anything is worth a try hey ;) I may just lucky you never know lady luck may just shine down on me!!! xxxx

Where are they now? / Malory School 1965-1970 OLD sCHOOL Mates
« on: February 20, 2008, 11:22:21 PM »
Here goes...Brenda Pusey, David Eyles, Yvonne Wray Diane Filsell,.Christine Turner (she had a sister Lesley), Brenda Clarke Andrew Fry Neil Woodley Marian Graham (had 2 brothers Paul and Peter),lived in flats in Dagonet Gardens, Sally, Carol and Tommy Taylor they also lived in Dagonet Gardens Steven Carcavella (handsome boy) Jackie Gasgoine (her dads name was Jimmy and they lived in Launcelot Rd,) Paul Marinner(Italian family moved from Dagonet Gardens to Launcelot Rd Nr the School), Stephen and Paul Endersby lived on the corner of Dagonet Gardens in Shroffold Rd, Phillip Carey .........phew...I am right worn out now got cramp in my hands  ;D..perhaps I may just get lucky who knows :) ;)

Snowdrop xxxx

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