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General Discussion / I just called to say "Hello"
« on: December 23, 2012, 04:10:29 PM »
Hiya all, still alive "just". lots has happened these last months,bought a humber sceptre mk3 "hunter shape" 44 years old and as an automatic it is one of only 12 known to the beloved DVLA I will be doing it up over the next two years, I have started by stripping it out for a full respray the put it all back to-gether simple Hugh!!!. Got my cyclemaster all working and the trade bike is in fine fettle so am now bored and will sell the cyclemaster and concentrate on the humber in between doing all those Little things for the little lady in my life. I joined a gliding club and am now learning to fly "great fun with no engine"typical flight time from a 1000ft winch launch is approx 10 Min's, so no point planning a rout to oz. Speaking of oz my cousin has a property in the blue mountings and his son went to visit because no one could get in touch, when he got there his wife was  in a bad way and Fred my cousin was sick in his bed .......they have been taken care of and are now in a retirement home they are both in there nineties, He lived in  boundfield road next to the alley through to the prefabs his dad was the baker delivery man for Richards bakery......sad! on a happier note happy Xmas to you all and stay safe hoppo!!!

General Discussion / Re: Missing Members
« on: January 23, 2012, 12:12:32 AM »
Happy new year to you all, it's just above freezing here in lincolnshire, and I am alive and kicking ( although not quite as high as I used to!) I have popped into the forum from time to time but things seem to have "gone quiet". Just had a friend around from Grantham He is another from the "Prefabs" the latest I have is that they are coming down but four have been granted grade 4 listing so will be preserved .... I don't really know why  Although I had a great time there The whole area is full of cars and not as nice as when I was there in the 40's 50's and 60's also the property has suffered over the years and I just feel it's time they went. anyway hope the other missing souls are OK keep happy, hoppo

General Discussion / Re: Looking for my parents
« on: June 01, 2011, 10:26:07 AM »
AAAWWWWEE GOSSSSSHHH UUMMM!!!!! I only did what any body would do, It is strang that I applied to join the site in dec last and only got clearance a few days before finding the family requests..... I suppose we all look at these in case we know some one but never do..... then POW! .................. I am just getting a handle on this site now and dide'nt realise somany of you all live overseas, Keep up the good work and if noone has any objections I will witter on here from time to time...... Love to all Hoppo ex 22 pelinore road not quite downham but my mother lived in Keedenwood road for quite some years I remember it was the left semi may be 185 or there abouts, I have wedding pictures of several of my aunts taken in the back garden oh! Happy days....

General Discussion / Re: Downham memories
« on: May 30, 2011, 10:43:48 PM »
Great to read all the memories of yesteryear,  Heres another one for all you up top downhamites! The parade of shops.... there was a fish shop ? after work it was closed and in the doorway was an icream man selling his wares, he was there in all weathers rain shine snow and plague.......... ? That was my uncle albert from waters road I think he did it because he had lots of daughters!... one of them was my cousin marylyn Nash she was a dancer and used to go to the goldsmiths center and put on shows . we used to play on the waste ground at the back and one day we thought it a good idear to tunnell under the fence after digging for some time we uncovered the amunition of the home guard. we split it up and I for one found out about playing with this stuff and butnt my hand I was lucky as later in life I had a man working with me who played with the same stuff and lost two fimgers ........ sweet dreams

General Discussion / Re: Looking for my parents
« on: May 30, 2011, 10:31:03 PM »
Hiya all, Glad all went well with the family search, I have spoken to my friend Dave Kelly and he is thrilled to have yet another member to the family as are the rest of his brothers,He is one of a twin , It was when I was in the army that I met david , we did our training and then went our seperate ways, I ended up in libya "el-adam" it was on an expedition into the desert that i went into the mess tent only to have daves twin sit next to me and said "Hello Hoppo what you doing here" small world huh! and getting smaller by the dayspeak soon hope all are keeping fit!??

General Discussion / Re: Demolition of Prefabs
« on: May 24, 2011, 06:53:16 AM »
Well Stone me !! I had forgotten David Hawkins yes he did an advert for washing powder , His father worked in Hayes wharf and let us go there , sadly his brother Brian was killed when the car he was working on collapsed and crushed him,, David told me his mother lifted the car up so they could get him out, I have heard of this "super strengh" on other occasions, Very sad,  on a lighter note do you remember the day the science lab caught fire!! we all stood in the playground shouting "quick get some petrol" Ha! Ha!..... Well Smiffy my old memory cells dont have the total recall they used to have, try to remind me about yourself, I do remember a guy who used to play the cornet lived down Ardgowan way somewhere, also the green grocer's van that came to the school and my favorite was a pomygranit? (not a good spelling) when eaten the pips could be spat out for quite some distance.... Cor i was a little horror, I enjoyed my childhood and have been lucky in life to have done so many things, Now retired and living in lincolnshire I can look back on some great memories, and even now am creating even more, I only finished motor racing in 2006, Only three miles from us is the Lincolnshire Air Museum They have a Lancaster Bomber that runs up and taxi's, for a rather large donation you can ride down the runway and back... Great site to see the old girl trunddle down the runway and even better to hear the four merlins running you can for 25 crawl around inside great stuff for you aero buff's the plane is called "Just Jane" History available on the web Well thats me done for a few days as we are off to cambridge for four days when I shall collect my small front wheel butchers bike, Remember them smiffy, Going to do it up and fit a "Cyclemaster" to it , Thats being picked up 14th lune in liecester, A box of bits but that will be fun to do over the winter, wow smiffy you have turned some old rusty memory cells good luck all speak soon Hoppo

General Discussion / Re: Demolition of Prefabs
« on: May 23, 2011, 01:37:07 PM »
Hiya smiffy and all, I was at fosters park primary school 1950-1956 and then downham secondary for boys 1956-1959 left in 59 because my birthday was in the summer break, I thought it was good , Had a great time at both, Sadly both where poor at teaching me anything (or Perhaps I was just very thick), However I do remember a few names from fosters park-; Jean Steadman, Patrick Bissell and Wendy Goodyear to name but three, I have never kept in contact with anyone from either schools and often wonder "where are they now" There was one teacher from fosters park a Mr Bloomfield he taught geography and when he got us to cut out a map of the world (produced in class on the "Gestener"duplicator") and tried to put it together offering the explanation of "Plate techtonics" This was only a theory at that time and only became public knowledge some years later, Maybe I should have listened more when at school? I did "Bunk off" quite a bit and believe that the lessons we had where Boring and if say History was given the treatment of today with all the drama and intrigue then we may have learnt more sadly we only got dates of kings and queens and wars to remember and that was soooooo boooring, will try to keep in touch with the site and post some new things B F N Hoppo

General Discussion / Re: Demolition of Prefabs
« on: May 21, 2011, 10:57:46 PM »
Hiya every body, just got cleared to post on here, I lived in the prefabs for 25 years, us kids used the lamp post as a wicket there where only one car in our street (Pelinore road) a Morris minor owned by some one at the bottom then next door to me got an old ford sit up and beg we used to knock it about a bit because it was parked in the pitch, when I looked on line the memories came flooding back, there wasn't much crime, no one had much to pinch, us kids used to go down to the big dump at lewisham and rumage through the old bikes and we could always find enough to make up a bike for someone, I remember going to the bike shop next to the fish shop up the northover a haggling with thrupence for some ball bearings for the wheels, we also went to the garage in ardgowan road asking for old wheel bearings from the cars to make scooters, things move on all the time and I now live in lincolnshire out in the sticks.... nice fresh air and no noise and most of all no traffic, Good luck with all the searches going on will "keep an eye" on this site bye for now Mick Hopkins ex 22 pelinore rd

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