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Title: Geraint Road residents
Post by: geoffbates on December 20, 2012, 10:42:22 AM
My Nan and Grandad Jessie and Harry Knights lived In Geraint Road from about 1928 until their deaths in 1969 and 1973 respectively. They first lived at No 68 two doors down from the Blamires. On the corner with Lancelot on the right were the Kitchen family. On the opposite corner were Charlie and Nell Paye. Next door to my Nan was Becky Castle and her sons who would fight in the garden. Further down were Mr and Mrs Hogan and their sons one of whom was Dennis, a good footballer. My Uncles Pat and Bob Knights played for Delvin and Artillery House football teams and Downham and Bellingham. Further down weere the Seabrooks who with their sons Johnny and Charlie moved to Devon where I now live. I see Charlie occasionally in passing. There were the Cakebreads Jimmy and Phyliss and their kids Jimmy Jnr and Jaqueline. Peggy and Charlie Bateman and their daughter Joan lived on the opposite side down towards Ivorydown. Mr and Mrs Bonney lived oppsite the Cakebreads with their son Leslie. I have pictures of a massive street party in Geraint Road at the Coronation in 1953. Does any recognise any of these names ? 
Title: Re: Geraint Road residents
Post by: Pauline on June 20, 2013, 07:10:17 AM
Yes Geoff

I was Pauline Moorby, and we lived first of all at #16 then at #52. Mum and Dad firsrt moved there back in 1936 or there abouts.  I married and left in 1963 and now live in Perth Australia.