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Title: email: ref:DC/10/74509/x demolition of Pendragon school
Post by: novotna on May 19, 2010, 07:09:45 PM
Lewisham Council is seeking to use the Building schools for the Future to demolish Pendragon School in Pendragon Road. Why? Difficult to say except waste money!! This is because the Borough already has a shortage of school places in Primary Schools and for Special Needs children. It desperately needs a Special School for very needy Autistic children with challenging behaviour and or complex need. So what they need is another school and not what they propose demolish/destroy the refurbished Pendragon School and build a New school do the maths and the Borough  will still be one school short!! Write to the Mayor Steve Bullock and planning opposing this nonsense and wasting money to weaken an education provision in the Borough.
Title: Re: Lewisham wants to demolish Pendragon school!! write to the Mayor say NO NO
Post by: novotna on July 06, 2010, 07:01:11 AM
Urgent Write to: reference DC/10/7450/x Deadline 7th July 2010

to object to the demolition of Pendragon school in order to build another school ( for the same capacity of children as the school can already have on roll). Waste of millions of pounds ( order of over 20 million) as it will still leave the Borough short of buildings space for children to attend school. Nothing is wrong with the present school buildings if needed can be adapted for children on the severe ASD spectrum  for less than one million pounds sterling.

The site would be over built, loss of outdoor space for children, style of proposed buildings not in keeping with the street scene of terraced houses. Loss of a percentage of light for many residents 9 although the assessor think a loss of 1-3% of light is OK!! Increase of parking as no parking will be available on site - not even for school minibuses when children are being delivered to and from school by Lewisham transport buses. etc...