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Title: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Pauline on December 20, 2006, 09:08:12 AM
Can we all wish each other a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2007?  And just give a brief note of what we shall be doing at this time of the year.
We shall be having Christmas at our house.  The grandchildren are of various ages, so it should be good fun.  Christmas lunch at 1pm, and then later the kids will be in the pool, and then they with us oldies will have a game of cricket (oh sorry - I shouldn't have said that).  And as I am the umpire we shall have a drinks break after every over!

Take care everyone, and have a lovely holiday.
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Brenda on December 20, 2006, 09:23:36 AM
Certainly can, Pauline.  We shall be sharing Christmas with my sister here on the farm.  After toasting absent friends and loved ones and phoning the girls and families, we shall undoubtedly settle down to have a fairly normal day.  My concession to the season is to make a cheesecake, maybe a chocolate mousse and a diabetic cake for my sister who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. 

If it proves to be a hot day, we'll be taking frequent dips in the dam.  I'll try to upload a photograph of our 'swimming pool'.  Or I might send it to Mike to do all the technical stuff. 

Fingers crossed, nothing happens fire-wise.  We were woken this morning by Syd's CFA bleeper going off with a request for a fire crew but Syd wasn't needed on this occasion.  He will be on-call throughout his three weeks off.

So, to all my Downhamonline friends all over the world, I wish you a happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe 2007.

Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Dickie eagle on December 20, 2006, 10:45:03 AM
I second that motion, and forest conflagrations apart "Lang may yere lum reekie ", and most importantly Brenda may I wish you a very enjoyable Birthday my love  (BIG X X )from myself and Dorothy. After Christmas we will be back in the Netherlands for the New Year  :wink: so hartig felicitations       dickie ...............
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: JSmith on December 20, 2006, 09:47:45 PM
Yes to all you Lovely Downhamites all over the World, Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. The three of us will spend the Cristmas quietly, but remembering those who went before us, Family & Friends.  At christmas Dinner we will toast all you guys on the Forum, thinking of you as another family who get together and share old times. All the very best. Smiffy. Thats John Pam & Son Mark Oh & don't forget the dog Sally.
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Brenda on December 21, 2006, 09:11:33 AM
Thank you Dickie

Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: amandawr on December 24, 2006, 02:41:20 PM
Happy Christmas everybody. We shall be having Christmas Day at Daughter no 3's house this year, which is easy for us as all we have had to do is bake a pavlova. She lives in Belfast and just got enagaged to am American boy. This is an exciting Christmas as all 4 children are home for the first time in a few years, now they come back with their partners and my first grandaughter will be there too, she is only 14 months. I just love it!
No success so far in searching for my Downham family roots but in the New Year my brother and I are thinking of making an application to the Salvation Army family tracing service.
Just discovered a cousin I didn't know I had but that is on the Kent side of the family and he is away touring Australia and New Zealand for 3 months and I can't contact him at the moment. Maybe 2007 will bring more family contacts.
Best Wishes for 2007, to you all. Amanda
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Dickie eagle on December 24, 2006, 10:17:51 PM
MOST OF THE FAMILY RECORDS HELD IN KEW AND iSLINGTON CAN BE ACCESSED THROUGH YOUR LOCAL    LIBRARY, the staff may assist in locating your records good luck and may 2007 be your best so far   Dickie............
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings..... FAMILY HISTORY
Post by: Graham on December 25, 2006, 12:30:53 AM
Season's greetings to all.....May 2007 bring you peace, happiness and good health.

Re your family tree..... The GRO is on line and all records can be searched there including obtaining copies of certificates.         will get you to the site.   It is the old 1837 site.

Hope this is of some help to those hooked, like me, on Genealogy ?

Regards,   Graham A,   Canada.
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Bel on December 25, 2006, 05:06:03 PM
A happy and healthy New Year to all my friends..Hope you had a lovely birthday Brenda,  and may your birthday be peaceful Dickie. Not forgetting Keith (who would have been 75 shortly..... I raise my glass (which is half full) to you all.  Love Belx
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Brenda on December 26, 2006, 10:02:11 AM
Thank you for the birthday greetings Bel.  It's actually on the 28th.  I shall be going off on 4hour round trip to have lunch with a friend who has Parkinsons disease and is now in a nursing home. Ironic that we should have once worked together in a nursing home.  You just never know how you are going to end up, do you?

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and hope you and your sister have a marvellous 2007.

Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: christine on December 28, 2006, 04:14:19 PM
Hi everyone - belated greetings for Christmas but early wishes for a happy and healthy 2007. Was going to make a New Year's resolution to give up chocolates but unfortunately I managed to receive 7 boxes of chocolates as presents (plus one jigsaw puzzle)! My Christmas was spent minus any family - just husband - at a hotel in Richmond.  Decided that this was going to be the year NOT cooking turkey for anyone although daughter Vicky, newly married in July, spent most of the morning ringing my mobile to make sure that turkey and giblets were being properly prepared in her kitchen in Kingston for her and husband.  We had a break from giving cooking lessons though to drive up to the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks for Christmas morning service - wonderful music supplied by the Grenadier Guards and the chapel choir.  Couldn't believe how many people were actually around in London on Christmas Day - we thought it would be deserted but instead found it full of tourists!

Happy Birthday Bren - sorry didn't realise it was today (28th).  Hope you got my Christmas email - will be in touch soon. 
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Brenda on December 28, 2006, 08:41:43 PM
Hallo Chris,

Thanks for the birthday greetings.  Yes, got your Xmas message and you should have had a reply from me. Hope you did.  Look forward to your next letter.

Hope you enjoy the chocolates - but not too many!

Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Dickie eagle on December 28, 2006, 11:07:13 PM
Hi y'all, Hope Christmas was a success and as memorable as ours.  For the first time in our lives, Dorothy and I had it all to ourselves it began Quite pleasantly and Dorothy had one of my old sea-boot white stockings with the usual bright new coins an orange, apple ,some nuts (apart from me ! ) and a small present ,plus Breakfast in bed together . made a change from running around serving the  "guests "   Then lunch at The Castle which was superb and lasted from 12.45 until 16.00 .No Grenadiers Chris , we have to make do with The Blues & Royals, Household Cavalry from Combemere Barracks, the horses are marvellous. Thanks for all the Birthday good wishes, I don't want to get older ,just mark time for the next ten years or so and enjoy a few more Christmasses with you wonderful people. Have a good New Year of peace and plenty.      Dickie ................
Title: Re: Seasons Greetings
Post by: Brenda on December 30, 2006, 09:10:50 AM
Hallo Dickie,

Belated birthday greetings.  Unlike you, I am hopeless at remembering birthdays.  In fact, I even forgot my own.  It's true. I got up, went off to see a friend for the day and didn't remember it until I got home and found a card from a friend in the post.

Like your day, Dickie, there were no handsome Grenadiers around (sigh, sigh).  We had a quiet day but enjoyable enough without going overboard (just one box of chocs, Chris!) and I did indulge in some champers and a good red wine.

We shall not be whooping it up on New Year's Eve either, it'll be just the two of us and another bottle of champers at midnight - if I can stay awake that long!

Happy New Year to you all and, once again, a special thanks to Mike for giving us sentimental old Downhamites this wonderful forum to chat on.