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One of the aims of DownhamOnline is to build and facilitate community. In a world where we can connect via 'phone and computers to millions of other people worldwide, it is still a sad fact of life that many of us can feel alone. 

One of the positive benefits of the Internet can be in using "virtual" communication to stimulate real-life interaction. You may or may not know everyone in your road, but as more people join in DownhamOnline, it's a way of making an initial contacts, which we hope will build into real friendships in the community. If you haven't yet subscribed to the newsletter, then that's one way that we will be communicating going forward.

It's good to talk...!Another way is via our online discussion forum. Here you can see what others have written, post a reply, or start a conversation on any subject you like. You can do this safely and anonymously, and as this website has only just been launched, it may take a while to build up, so do help out by diving in and saying something! Please note, these forums are monitored regularly, and offensive or unsuitable posts will be deleted, and the poster banned.

You are welcome to email comments to the website editor at any time; your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Send any comments about this site to enquiries@downhamonline.org.uk
This page last updated 12 October 2005