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support please
« Reply #15 on: April 20, 2004, 10:47:50 PM »
the only cook who could burn a boiled egg !the rest of breakfast was fine and I don't think I did any more damage   Dickie..........X[/quote][/quote]

You are definitely not the only cook to burn eggs Dickie.  That is one of my specialities.  I'm pretty good at walking out of the kitchen and forgetting things.  Like the time I had pre-cooked chips and, although I removed the chips, I left the oil on the lighted gas.  I went outside, saw a steer in the oat paddock, spent the next half hour getting him out, came back, took the washing in, got the the house and thought "Oooh, what's that smell?"  The whole house was black with smoke.  The cooktop had melted as had nearby kettle, saucepans etc.  Air vents had melted, the back wall of the kitchen had burnt and, so I found out later from the wonderful volunteer firemen who came down to help, gum leaves in the roofing had singed.  I was lucky not to have burnt the whole house down.  Now, when cooking chips, I do not leave the kitchen until they are done and the gas is off.  Mind you, I left a tea-towel too close to the gas not long ago and......

Dickie eagle

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support please
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Quote from: Dickie Eagle
I belonged to the New Cross Tramways swimming club,my chum Sid Adams (corner house Capstone/Durham Hill, near Joe Gorins ) his Dad was a Tram Driver too. I forgot to mention another member of the Tramways club was Mick Mc Manus who used to wrestle for Dales Enterprises, anyone go to yhe Ring at Blackfriars ? Dickie........
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support please
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I remember going to see Mick Mcmanus with my dad and his driver buddy. Being only a little girl I thought it was for real seeing these men throwing each other around, and loved the submissions. Couldnt understand it tho when I saw them afterwards without a mark on them.  :shock:  Also I remember the first custard |I made after I got married, stired it with a plastic spoon which melted into the custard. my dumplings also used to disintergrate but we had lovely thick gravy. All the best to you...Bel... Can we have some of your sunshine please Keith?l


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