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Many residents have been concerned about the possible redevelopment of the Court’s site at the junction of Bromley Road and Whitefoot Lane. This is a sensitive area because it is a very busy and dangerous junction, close to a school and residential properties.

Transport for London have already come up with a widening scheme which will cause Langthorne Court to lose part of its frontage later this year. At present this green area is a valuable barrier which holds back at least some of the noise and fumes of the road.

On January 18th there was a public Meeting  ‘Bromley Road Consultation’ run by a company called Four Communications at the Bellingham Leisure and Lifestyle centre regarding the development of what was the Courts site in Bromley Road.

It’s rumoured that a 16 storey block of flats may be built on this site; the Development company involved has not yet revealed its name. Some of the objections raised, included that flats in this area should be no more than 8 stories high, there are insufficient doctor’s surgeries, dental practices and schools in the area to cope with the high number of residents who would populate this proposed development.

At their Tenants Association, residents of Langthorne Court said: “ Who is the developer behind this scheme? And who actually owns the site? At present they are hiding behind a marketing company who don’t even seem to know what is proposed.” Chair of the Tenants and Leaseholders Association, said: “Any development on this corner will need to be looked at very carefully in the light of the potential for more traffic congestion and danger and the strain that would be put on local services by a large development”. Let us know your views on development of this site in Bromley Road.

Call us on the Freephone: 0800 317 066, or write to us, at Residents Community News Publishing Group, c/o Tenants’ Club Room, Marton Close, Firhill Road, SE6 3SS

Bogus Callers
Historically, Downham and Bellingham areas has suffered from distraction burglaries. This is when suspects trick their way into premises. Males claiming to be from the water board or needing to carry out urgent repairs to pipes or examine water systems committed five of the twenty-two reported burglaries. These callous individuals prey on the vulnerable.

Why do victims fail to report the crime?

  • Embarrassment at having fallen for the deception and are too ashamed to report the crime (sometimes even to close relatives and friends).
  • Victims not appreciating that their property has been stolen, believing they may have lost or mislaid it.
  • Victims sometimes are aware that they are being duped but fear of physical violence prevents them from taking action, and
    Victims are afraid they would be subject to threats and intimidation from the offenders if they made a complaint to the police.

The average age of the victim is 79 years old. The elderly are reminded of the following:

STOP – think before you open the door, are you expecting anyone?
CHAIN – always put the chain on before opening the door.
CHECK – If in doubt, keep them out. Check identification and phone the company that they claim to be from before letting them in.

If you have an elderly neighbour please can you offer them the advice above.

Contact: Safer Neighbourhoods Teams
Bellingham      Tel: 0208 721 2489
Whitefoot       Tel: 0208 721 2487
Downham      Tel: 0208 721 2488
Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

If not completely satisfied – DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Be extra cautious of callers who: -

-    Say they need help urgently.   -    Ask to make a phone call.
-    Ask you to step outside.          -    Want to come in.
-    Want to use your toilet.          -   Ask for a glass of water.


Don’t worry if you decide not to help – IT IS NOT RUDE or UNFRIENDLY.

Password Schemes:-

All Local Authorities, utility companies and other housing providers should offer password schemes, where you can give a specific password for all visits that are outstanding, to which the caller will recite to you upon their arrival. BOGUS CALLERS WILL NOT KNOW THE PASSWORD GIVEN.



Lewisham Council tenants and leaseholders in the Bellingham and Downham area are celebrating the results of a ballot in favour of the transfer of their homes to the country's third Community Gateway Association and the first in London.

The Result
More than half of all tenants voted, and 68.7% of those chose the Community Gateway model for the management of their homes, which is set to take over as new landlord in the late summer/autumn of 2007.

Investment and improvements
The vote came after two years of consultation with residents and steering group members in the Bellingham and Downham areas to set up a new housing association, named Phoenix by the residents. In the meantime, we will keep you up to date with any news and offer ways to become involved even before we ‘go live’.

Season's Greetings and a Happy Phoenix New Year

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