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Where are they now? / re collections
« on: April 21, 2009, 08:30:55 AM »
Hiya folks ..i now live in Surrey.and we get all  our collections collected every week (regularly)So pretty lucky i think ,But out roads are very bad and need a lot of work done on them.. so it appears they do good on a few bits and skimp on others ... But i think Splinter has a point there  saying bring back poll Tax ... My wife and myself are now getting old and living still with only 2 of us  in our 3 bedroomed house and we are paying 1300.+for the two of us ..So Poll Tax would be good for us also..((Good thought Splinter..)) Got you down as Prime minister for next election..((And god help you if you forget i was a friend of you nan and grandad also you mum  )) Take care folks.. best of luck from (Birdie ) Bill

Where are they now? / Re: the bomb in Pendragon Road
« on: April 09, 2009, 04:45:01 PM »
First of all""" HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULINE"""you are just a chick to me haha ime now 79...but as we all know AGE is just a number isnt it???
Dikie yes all the eagle boats were all GSN boats including the Crested eagle ((Sunk at Dunkique) another was the ...Golden Eagle ..Royal Eagle ...Royal name a few ... Yes  the General steam nav co were just outside the lower pool south side of the river..the moorings were called((Irion Gate Wharf ))the boat that came in regularly there was the  "Comerant "and in Saint Cathrines dock most or thw small Dutch boats went in there .they brought over lots of salad stuff tomatoes cucumbers Lettuce of our Tug boats was hit with two crews changing over by a doodle bug 1943 the tug was called the"" ST Betty""My skipper was an old sailing craft skipper and he was brilliant Boatman but colour blind and use to call down the talk tube and say  ..Bill come up here and tell me what colour this  F/ing light is (Honest))..he was a danger to us all hahaha the main craft we attended was the Red sail coastal sailing barges  mainly from Ipswitch??.with just one man and a dog on them or perhaps a lad about 14 years as well ..Tell you some lore latter Dickie haha Take care Bill

General Discussion / Re: Introduction by a Newbie
« on: April 09, 2009, 09:45:49 AM »
Hiya Vic ..i dont know when you were at Ballamore school.I was there from1939 to 1944 .. a few teachers i remember were Mr Warner...Mr Rickets...the head Master was Mr Leavesley..and yes Mr Lawrence was the care Taker ..The school use to have a Night centre when i was there let the people who were bombed out stay ((short term..))Yes i also Remember the Daltons (Wally Dalton). But  My freinds mainly lived in Pendragon Road .. I myself lived at 25 ((Next door to Splinters Family @27 )).. we all got on well together to..((But Splinter was Only a Twinkle  in his mums eyes then ))  haha she was 14 and me 9..a few names that lived in Pendragon was....Florrie Carrington..Silvia and Ronnie Smallwood.. Derik and Connie Langford..Bobbie and Beral Knight...Jeanie Barratt... Roy and Ray Carpenter...Alfie and Betty Donavon..Lennie Buck..Malcomb Williams...Googy Marshal.....((Winnie Carrol Splinters Mum))Terry and Silvia Swanson...(( Bill Starlings Me)) ((and John Hatton He died last year)) where are all these people now ..does anyone know???  lets hear if you do ..
                                           By now take care Bill...

Where are they now? / Re: the bomb in Pendragon Road
« on: April 08, 2009, 07:32:56 PM »
Hiya Dickie... Yes there were seveal Starling familys.. as my dads family were all living in the area and he had about 13 brothers and sisters ..we lived at Amos Estate and my nan  lived in Lavender house.we were all Bermonsey folks .. some working in the docks and when i left school i went onto the tugboats . was on the SteamTug Viper ...ST Muska....STAbomba...and ST Vespa.. this was 1944 when i left school..the St Viper was the Tower Bridge Tug and we use to bring any big boats through the bridge and it was the only Tug on the river with a very thick steel Wheel House roof (Bullet Proof)this Tug worked through all the air raids..just after the war we use to watch the Eagle steamers  ((General Steam Navigation Boats))going out and returning at night from day trips to Southeend and Margate and Ramsgate etc..I bet a lot of the Downham folks were on them at time too haha..I met my wife Lily when going ashore off Tower pier we were both 16 and we married at 18 on Christmas day 1948 by this time i was called up for the Army and this year Celibrated our Diamond 60th Annerversary Last Christmas 2008 (got our Queens Letter to haha) ..
                                                Take care Dickie

Where are they now? / Re: the bomb in Pendragon Road
« on: April 07, 2009, 08:54:54 AM »
Does any one remember the Sandhurst road School Getting bombed..It happend about 1.PM dinner time just a lone german plane flying just over the roof height Machine gunning several schools he then dropped one bomb in Harrises steam roller yard in Sangly road and then dropped another on the school..i can remember going down on my cycle to help hand pick the bricks away to get to the children out, with my dad i must have been 13 or 14 years old If you look in the cemertary Verdernt lane ,they have the children and teachers grave in there..even the cemertary had a V2 rocket hit it to..and it blew out lots of graves, and stones fell over several houses and garden etc..when the bombing was heavy i use to go and sleep in Chislehurst caves..that was good fun for me.Bit damp but ok..(( Just tell me if i bore you folks..))... Bill ...

Where are they now? / the bomb in Pendragon Road
« on: April 06, 2009, 09:19:25 PM »
Hiya folks...I am also new to this site my family were moved from Bermondsey as we lived right close to  the timber yard  area in the  Surrey Docks (down town )  When the war started They moved us  to Downham in September 1939.. We moved into 25 Pendragon Road Familey name ( Starling) as soon as the |Blitz started a bomb dropped in the Back garden of 33 Pedrgon Road (( a one thousand pounder)) and it didnt explode ...Boy did we  leave the house quick too.. they sent the bomb disposal squad in and done a controled exposion about a week latter... all our dividing bedroom walls were blown out also a few windows ..My age now is 79 .. i wonder if anyone remembers me (Bill Starling) If so i would love to hear from you Bye Now
      ... Bill ...

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