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General Discussion / Newcomer!!!
« on: July 03, 2013, 12:34:59 AM »
Hello everyone, is very late at night, or early hours I should say.. Been a few hours trying to get in!!.Did register about a year ago didn't post anything then just observed...My single name was Pam Robson, then  was Pam Kelly, married to Dave Kelly, who was mentioned on here  a while ago. (since divorced and remarried) am now Pam Callaghan...Also   saw Mike Hopkins posted on here, known I believe as HOPPO???? He was a good friend of Dave's.... Didn't recognise anyone else.. I used to live in PONTEFRACT ROAD...DOWNHAM..was born in that house...Now live in Beckenham...I used to go to Burnt Ash School...Anyone else on here used to go there.???...Was born 1948, so started there 1953, as it went from infants, primary to senior for girls in those days, would have left 1963....I think that was the last year of the  senior school for girls though.  Just wonder if anyone went to my old school...Or anyone who lived in Pontefract road , Or Keedonwood Road.   Also used to go to The Tigers  Head, in Southend  Lane, which is now a block of flats....Used to also go to the Dutch House at Sidcup, also working mens  club,  (the disco bit upstairs , which was for us youngsters)  in Burnt Ash Lane...Some one out there, surely must know some of these places????

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