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Where are they now? / the bomb in Pendragon Road
« on: April 06, 2009, 09:19:25 PM »
Hiya folks...I am also new to this site my family were moved from Bermondsey as we lived right close to  the timber yard  area in the  Surrey Docks (down town )  When the war started They moved us  to Downham in September 1939.. We moved into 25 Pendragon Road Familey name ( Starling) as soon as the |Blitz started a bomb dropped in the Back garden of 33 Pedrgon Road (( a one thousand pounder)) and it didnt explode ...Boy did we  leave the house quick too.. they sent the bomb disposal squad in and done a controled exposion about a week latter... all our dividing bedroom walls were blown out also a few windows ..My age now is 79 .. i wonder if anyone remembers me (Bill Starling) If so i would love to hear from you Bye Now
      ... Bill ...

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