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Title: Roof Tiles
Post by: Splinter on July 11, 2016, 07:39:09 PM
Well Roof Tiles That Were Damaged Have Been Replaced. They Were Original Tiles And Could Not Get Exact Replacements, I Was Told (Do Not Know How True This Is) That The Tiles Were Made In Belgium. I Personally Can Not See That. I Am Sure That In The Mid 1920`s When Downham Was Being Built, We Made Tiles Good Enough In This Country. By The Way, My House Is 90 Years Old This Year, Not Sure Of Actual Completion Date, If Anybody Does Know When Pendragon Road Was Completed I Would Love To Know.. And For All Of You Who Are Wondering About This Countries Brexit Vote.. At This Moment I Can See No Change Except A Lot Of People Panicing For No Reason. And On Wednesday We Will Have A New Prime Minister. Teresa May !! No Don`t Ask Me What She Is Like, I Have No Idea. Just A Case Of Wait And Find Out. Anyway All Of You Keep Well.
Title: Re: Roof Tiles
Post by: Brenda on July 14, 2016, 12:46:20 AM
Can't help with any information about Pendragon Rd, Splinter.

We've heard all the news about Brexit and I guess it's way and see and hope your new PM leads you all to a good future.   Just heard about Boris becoming the new Foreign Minister.  Must admit that is somewhat mind-boggling.