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Title: Prefab Museum open until the end of September
Post by: Jane on June 07, 2014, 02:06:46 PM
Hello Downham onliners

It's quite a while since I posted on the forum!

If you're in or around the Downham area do call in to the Prefab Museum, at 17 Meliot Road, SE6 1RY

The Prefab Museum is set in the heart of the UK's largest surviving prefab estate - in a prefab - on the Excalibur 'bungalow' estate in Downham.  Described as Catford's only Museum by the Evening Standard it is organised and curated by photographer Elisabeth Blanchet, and this fascinating slice of 20th century social history, domestic life, hopes and dreams is a show case for artists', photographers' and videographers' work, memorabilia and artefacts.

The museum is open on Saturdays only from 11am - 5pm, on week days by appointment, and on Saturday and Sunday for London Open House on the weekend of 20-21 September. It is free but we welcome donations to support the cost of running the museum and contributing towards the tenants' association who have kindly made the empty prefab available. 

You can read more about the museum at this link:

For up to date information on events throughout the summer, please visit Prefabs - Palaces for the People on Facebook or follow Prefab Photo Project on Twitter.
Title: Re: Prefab Museum open until the end of September
Post by: Brenda on June 08, 2014, 11:31:54 PM
Very  interesting.  I've just followed the link and will go back and peruse it again.  I remember the prefabs well although only to walk through that part of Downham (when my family lived in a flat in Crutchley Road) and not to go into any of the dwellings.  It always looked so very attractive. My aunt and family lived in a pre-fab in Essex after the war before going to New Zealand.  Very nice place it was too.  So sad so much has been destroyed and a community lost for ever.

So glad you have shared this with us, Jane.

Title: Re: Prefab Museum open until the end of September
Post by: Jane on June 23, 2014, 07:07:49 AM
Thank you Brenda. The museum has brought back many fond memories for people like your aunt and uncle who lived, or knew someone who lived, in these oh-so-modern homes for the time with their fitted kitchens and bathrooms. Young people from all over London have commented on the space, light and good design compared with contemporary homes. I hope that some Downham Onliners will be able to visit and share their stories of the local area!
Title: Re: Prefab Museum open until the end of September
Post by: Splinter on July 06, 2014, 12:34:16 PM
Due to the lack of affordable housing in this Country you would think that Prefabs would be the way to solve the problem. Not demolishing them. We need many more Prefab Estates that can be Quickly put up on Brownfield sites and rented out. Rant Over.